Whitefield Horticultural Society

Members' Shop

The Society runs a small members’ shop which is open on Saturday mornings 10am to noon, in the Hall at Whitefield Methodist Church, Elms Street, Whitefield, M45 8GQ. Tea/coffee and biscuits are served and you can always seek advice or just have a chat with fellow gardeners.

We stock the basic range of fertilizers for your garden/allotment, namely growmore, bonemeal and fish/blood/bone, together with a full range of specific plant foods for tomatoes, roses, house plants etc. We can supply all that is needed to maintain a lush lawn – feed, weed and moss-killers. For the benefit of members who have only a household area, we can weigh products out into quantities suitable for the small garden. We also have a selection of products and sprays to get rid of those unwanted pests such as slugs, ants, greenfly, etc. Locally, for members, we do our best to deliver bulky items (such as potting compost) for those who do not have their own transport.

Most of our prices are very, very competitive. We generally place a bulk order with our supplier in January each year. This gets us a better discount which we are able to pass on to members. We do not produce a full online price list as costs move constantly. Some costs moved dramatically up recently. For example, fertiliser prices hiked on a reputed world shortage of phosphates; recent multi-purpose compost increases are blamed on reducing peat content and developing new alternatives.

The Society is particularly proud of its seed potato and onion-set listing which is produced towards the end of each year. We can supply over 50 different varieties of seed potatoes covering first earlies, second earlies and maincrop. Again, for the benefit of members with only a small plot, seed potatoes can be supplied in convenient 1 kilo bags (approx 10 to 15 tubers), priced accordingly, rather than the larger 2.5 kilo favoured by shops/garden centres.

You need to be a member to use our shop. Annual membership costs just £2 which can easily be saved on your first purchase.